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webcastlcThe College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Saint Lucia, has the goal of combining traditional education and modern technology to train physicians worldwide.

The College campus is located in Saint Lucia, West Indies where qualified students may enroll in the following preclinical tracks:

The campus-based Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Program is a traditional full-time on-campus program,followed by clinical training on site at hospitals in the United States, United Kingdom and elswhere.

The Independent Study Program M.D. program, designed primarily for healthcare professionals, requires 30% of pre-clinical training on campus. Clinical training is done in teaching hospitals in the United States, the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Students may also choose the Clinical Anatomy Masters Program (M.S.) to test their academic potential while accruing credits that may transfer to the M.D. Program, or to expand their foundation & understanding in clinically related Anatomical Sciences.