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Frequently asked Questions

How long has The College of Medicine been in existence?

The College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Saint Lucia (College of Medicine) was established in 2001 as , with the goal of combining traditional education and modern technology to train physicians world wide.

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How can I contact The College of Medicine: phone, fax, email, www, etc.?

Telephone – Saint Lucia: 1-758-450-3990

Telephone USA Informaton Office 1 (800) 448 4008
1 (406) 533 6760
Fax – USA Informaton Office 1 (406 ) 782 2166
Email  Or


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Is Financial Aid Available?
Canadian students who are interested in medical school may be able to receive Canadian Government financial support when attending the College of Medicine and Health Science, St. Lucia.

For more information, please contact Dr. Daniel Harrington in our Montana office at 1 800 448 4008.


Please check back often because we are actively seeking further accredidation which will make more people eligible.

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Where is the School of Medicine located?

College of Medicine and Health Sciences moved to the Rodney Bay -Gros-Islet Area.


College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Saint Lucia

Box 2478 Rodney Bay St. Lucia, W.I.


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What are the entrance/admission requirements?

Numerous criteria, including grade point average, science grade point, advanced science courses, letters of recommendation and involvement in school and extracurricular activities, especially healthcare education. The applicant’s latest semester scores should be at or above a “B” average.

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What is the Pass Rate on the Step 1 of the USMLE?

The College of Medicine and Health Sciences pass rate for the Step 1 of the USMLE is 81 %.

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Is an undergraduate degree required in order to start school?

Ninety credits of college work and specific required courses is the minimum requirement for admissions.

Most applicants have at least an undergraduate degree since they are healthcare professionals.

Read More.

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Are their specific residency or foreign language requirements?

“TEST OF ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE” (TOEFEL)  scores are required from students whose first language is other than English or come from a country whose national language is not English.

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Can I transfer into the College of Medicine from another medical school?

Students from some medical schools are eligible to apply for advanced standing but must meet all College admissions requirements. An original application, including all medical school work completed, scores on USMLE step I or II, or any other standardized tests must also be submitted with the application. Read More.

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Is the MCAT required or optional?

Since our Partial-Distance Program is geared for healthcare professionals, MCAT scores are not currently required for admissions, but are considered if they have been taken. If the MCAT is taken more than once, all scores must be submitted.  Most of our students have taken the MCAT as some time in their career.

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If interviews are required, where are they held?

Interviews are offered to promising applicants where student’s interests, character, and reasons for their career decision will be discussed. Interviews may be conducted on campus, at the student’s location, or via telephone.

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What are the estimated annual expenses, including tuition and fees, books, supplies, study materials, housing, food, travel and other living costs?

Click here for tuition and other costs.
You will incur additional expenses for books and supplies, fees, transportation, room and board, personal expenses, entertainment, health insurance, and malpractice insurance during clinical training.

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What is the length and structure of the entire curriculum?

The pre clinical curriculum is five semesters of 16 weeks each (80 weeks). The clinical curriculum is 76 weeks in length. Read more.

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Where do students do their clinical training?

Currently clinical students do their core clinical training in teaching hospitals in the USA and elsewhere. Elective (fourth year) clinical training is a bit more flexible. Read more.

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How many students graduate each year?

The College(Est 2002), has 33 graduates as of June of 2012.

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Where did students in the most recent graduating class match for residency? In what specialties?

Four of our graduates are in Residency training in outstanding hospitals in New Jersey, Illinois, Tennessee and Virginia.

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Are there student associations or organizations on campus?

The “College of Medicine Student Association” has an active chapter on campus. This organization is an important player in the accreditation and operations of the College.

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What is the make up of the student body?

The student population is comprised primarily of students from the United States, followed by students from Europe. Many of our students, especially those in the independent study program, are older students with specialty degrees in healthcare.

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Will I need mal-practice insurance?

All students are REQUIRED to have Medical Mal-practice Insurance for your clinical rotations. You are welcome to choose any insurance provider you wish. If you need a Medical Mal-practice Insurance provider, we can recommend Healthcare Professional Services. Our contact person is: Parker Harvey, 678-935-5040.

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