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More About the Flipped Classroom or E-Learning Nearly 12 years ago, the College of Medicine and Health Sciences - St. Lucia began to utilize its “leading edge” digital technology to create one of the world's first “flipped classrooms” for pre-clinical medical education.  What most now call "distance learning", the COMHS “flipped classroom” or E-Learning breakthrough was powered by Interactive Technology Group (ITGWorld) of Butte, Montana.

Upside Down House

We are proud to have been the early users of the "flipped classroom" model, given the fact that it has become "all the rage" in academia, and for good reason. In the traditional lecture model, students are supposed to read the material prior to a lecture, which rarely happens. Having the students "attend" the online lecture prior to discussions on the presented topics allows everyone in the discussion to be able to learn at a high level. Since the lectures are always available on the website, the student can "re-visit" lecture topics whenever and as often as desired. It's hard to do that when the "traditional lecture" goes off into the atmosphere, and the students are left with hastily taken notes that are often unreadable.

The flipped classroom makes sense, and is being adopted around the world because it works. We at COMHS are proud to have been involved in the process in the beginning, and we believe that our students benefit from this format.

Flipped classrooms free class time for hands-on work and meaningful discussions. Students learn by doing and asking questions. Students can also help each other, a process that benefits both the advanced and less advanced learners.

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The Flipped Classroom is here to stay!