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If You Think The College of Medicine is Different, You’re Right!Destiny University School of Medicine Saint Lucia The Art of Medicine

The College of Medicine encourages students to become passionate about the art and science of medicine.

The College of Medicine provides a nurturing environment with the right tools to move from passive learning to seeking and building a proficient knowledge in the medical sciences.


Whether you enroll in the Campus-based MD program or The Independent Study MD program, the College of Medicine places a premium on:
* Engaging students
* Maximum interaction between students and faculty
* Personalized attention from instructors

Destiny University School of Medicine Saint Lucia  Individualize-for-students

Advanced technologies now make online learning a very convenient option to connect “To A New paradigm In Medical Education”, the "flipped classroom" or E-learning.
Wherever you live, or travel, with a laptop computer, and internet access you will be able to participate in what many other professionals have already discovered -- A 24hour/7day a week access to Pre-Clinical Coursework that has been specifically designed for you to realize your Medical Education dreams.

Our Flipped Classroom/Virtual Learning model is a result of the College of Medicine's recognition of a real shift in education technology and innovation. You now have the freedom to tailor your education to a preferred style of learning.

Education Technologies involve the use of:
* “Tech Enhanced Classrooms”
* Lecture Web Casting
* Online Content Presentation
* Voice/Video over Internet Applications
* Learning Management systems’ 24/7 accessibility

 Small Class sizes

Having access to the lectures, handouts, and clinical cases through the “Cloud” Learning Management system, you are in a position to have high-quality interactions with your professors and fellow students during on-campus or web based class sessions. You will not only come to understand medicine and its culture but also learn to speak the language of medicine during your discussion sessions.

* The online lectures can be viewed by you or a group at any time (at your best learning time) and as often as desired.
* The lectures can be used as a review prior to an examination.
* Portions of lectures can be reviewed to clarify a study point.


In the College of Medicine and Health Sciences learning design, Students are continuously and rigorously challenged through the use of carefully designed VOIP (internet) chat sessions. Since everyone in the small group chats are required to attend the Virtual classroom lecture(s), the chat discussions and clinical correlations are delivered with the expectations of proficiency across all of the medical science curriculum.