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Student work in pre-clinical courses is assessed by faculty members through the assignment of grades upon such measures as written and oral examinations, laboratory practical examinations, and case write-ups. Students must attain an overall score of 70% in order to pass a course.  In addition, a minimum score of 70% is required on the final comprehensive examination in each course.  In all cases this final examination must  be taken in a proctored environment.
Course grades will be based on the following criteria:
H     90–100% (4.0 Quality Points) Superior performance.
B     80–89% (3.0  Quality Points)Very good  performance.
C     70–79% (2.0 Quality Points) Satisfactory performance.
F     Below 70% (0 Quality Points)Unsatisfactory, failing performance.

Other grades may appear on the transcript that are not considered in computing the grade point average.
INC    Incomplete - all course assignments are not completed but the student is passing the course.  The missing assignments must be completed by the last day of the next regular semester, or the grade will become a failure. In unusual circumstances, a student may be granted time beyond the one semester time limit to make up the missing work. In these cases the date that the final requirements are submitted will be noted on the student's transcript.

W    Withdrawn - students who officially withdraw from a course will have no recorded grade. Students may only withdraw from a course within the first eight weeks of that semester. Students who do not officially drop a course during the term will receive a grade of “failure”.

Course Challenge Policy


Important notice for College of Medicine and Health Sciences students intending PRE CLINICAL Course Challenges


The Course Challenge is intended to grant credit for knowledge gained outside of College of Medicine and Health Sciences that is not transferable under existing arrangements. Challenge for College of Medicine and Health Sciences courses is based on established prior knowledge of the subject material. Students should apply for all course challenges they intend to make when they enter the College of Medicine and Health Sciences program. It is only possible to challenge some College of Medicine and Health Sciences courses.

You can apply for course challenge by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Pre Clinical Dean, explaining which course(s) you wish to challenge, and describing your prior knowledge and experience in the course material, including copies of any certification.

Applications for course challenge will be considered by the College of Medicine and Health Sciences Administration. Successful applications will normally result in a challenge being arranged at the time that course is next offered.

A course challenge will cost 75% of the normal tuition fees, and not all challenges are successful. It may not be possible to immediately enroll into a regular course section if a challenge is unsuccessful.

To challenge a College of Medicine and Health Sciences course in a particular semester, you should apply for the challenge the course before or during the first week of classes, as challenge applications for this semester will be considered at the next College of Medicine and Health Sciences faculty meeting. Successful applications should result in an exam challenge being attempted within 10 days of approval of that course challenge.

The Course Challenge Application must provide details of the student's knowledge as it pertains to the course content and objectives, and how and when that knowledge was acquired. A useful first step is to speak to a faculty member who has taught the course you wish to challenge, in order to gain a clear idea of its current contents and objectives.


Advanced Standing
Students who have successfully completed pre-clinical or clinical coursework at a medical school listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools published by the World Health Organization may apply for advanced standing. The level of placement in the curriculum of accepted advanced standing (transfer) students will be determined by the admissions committee. The committee evaluates each transfer for advanced standing application on an individual basis. Course work being transferred may not be valid if taken more than four years prior to application.

Students who have completed all of the pre-clinical courses at another medical school may have those credits accepted en bloc, otherwise the transferred courses must meet the pre-clinical requirements of College of Medicine and Health Sciences.  Regardless, all transferring students may be required to complete one semester (three major courses plus ICM, including the on-campus session) of pre-clinical studies at College of Medicine and Health Sciences. The specific courses that must be taken will be determined by the Admission Committee in consultation with the student and the Academic Promotions Committee. If the student has already passed the Step 1 exam of the USMLE, this requirement will be waived.


To apply for advanced standing the applicant must secure an application from the College of Medicine and Health Sciences Information Office website, write “Advanced Standing “ across the top of page 1 of the application, and complete and return the entire application with appropriate fees. The applicant also must arrange the submission to the College of Medicine and Health Sciences of official transcripts from all post secondary schools attended. They must also provide official course descriptions of the courses to be considered for transfer.


Procedure For Advanced Standing

Applications marked "Advance Standing will be referred to the Academic Promotions Committee (APC).

A member of the APC will determine if the applicant has completed the entire pre-clinical curriculum at the previous school.  If they have, the applicant will be granted an en bloc acceptance and a notation will be made on the College of Medicine and Health Sciences transcript that 72 credits have been accepted.

If the applicant has not successfully completed the entire pre-clinical curriculum at the previous school, the committee member will fill out the transfer credit evaluation form to determine which courses will be accepted as transfer credit into College of Medicine and Health Sciences. A notation will be made on the College of Medicine and Health Sciences transcript that xx credits have been accepted.  In no case will credits and/or grades for courses earned at another university be entered on the College of Medicine and Health Sciences transcript, except as outlined above.

A member of the Admissions Committee and a member of the Academic Promotions Committee will interview the applicant to discuss with them which courses they will take to satisfy the requirement to complete a minimum of one semester of pre-clinical courses or to meet College of Medicine and Health Sciences's pre-clinical requirements.  Although the applicants desires will be considered, the sole responsibility for the final decision as to which courses must be taken rests with the two committees.

Independent Study Requirement

All partial distance students(Independent Study) must satisfy an on-campus residency requirement of a minimum of 10 weeks. This is normally accomplished by attending the regularly scheduled on-campus session each pre-clinical semester. Otherwise, the student will have to satisfy this requirement prior to being certified to take the USMLE.