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clinexprClinical Sciences

Clinical training is 76 weeks in length and comprises required, or 'core" clinical rotations during your first clinical year, and "elective" rotations during your second clinical year.

Core clinical training takes place primarily in the United States.


Note:  All students are REQUIRED to have Medical Mal-practice Insurance for your clinical rotations.  You are welcome to choose any insurance provider you wish.  If you need a Medical Mal-practice Insurance provider, we can recommend Healthcare Professional Services. Our contact person is: Parker Harvey, 678-935-5040.


Following is a list of Core rotations, and their length.




Internal Medicine         12 weeks

Surgery                       12 weeks

Pediatrics                     6 weeks

Psychiatry                    6 weeks

Ob-GYN                       6 weeks

Family Medicine            6 weeks


The balance of the student's clinical training consists of clinical electives. These electives are selected according to the student's particular interests, helping them get oriented toward their choice of practice and post-medical education. During clinical training, students are required to complete reading assignments, take on-line examinations in their current rotation and to participate in regular on-line chat sessions and forums.

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Elective Clinical Rotations

Pulmonary Diseases
Diagnostic Imaging
Perinatal Neonatal Medicine
Infectious Diseases
Clinical Dermatology