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MsAnatomyMasters Degree Program in Clincal Anatomy

The College of Medicine and Health Sciences creates success in the Master's Program possible for most students. Participation includes two distinct opportunities:

First, on-campus full-time enrollment in Saint Lucia

Second, a personally designed independent study program, with 70% of course time completed thru our on-line curriculum, and 30% of course time completed on campus.


Medical School preparation track is designed to allow prospective medical students the opportunity to demonstrate their academic abilities at the medical school level.

Career Advancement track is designed to  increase Health Care Professionals knowledge in Clinical Anatomy, thus improving their clinical skills and increasing their knowledge base for teaching and career advancement.


Medical School Preparation Track

Being accepted to medical school is challenging, competitive and at times, disappointing, since there aren't enough seats in the US for qualified students.

The College of Medicine and Health Sciences is committed to students who want to demonstrate their abilities and test their academic potential, all the while improving their chances at a career in medicine.

We have designed the Master's Program with the "late bloomer" in mind. You are never too old to follow your dreams and accomplish new and rewarding challenges.

All credits that are accrued in the Master's Program are transferable to the M.D. program.

To be successful:

. Take the first year medical courses with the medical students, either on campus or through independent study.
. Medical school faculty are always available to you for support and encouragement.
. Your test scores are compared with medical students. Achievement of a "B" average assures admission into the second year College of Medicine medical class.
. Complete a thesis paper.


Admissions Criteria for the College of Medicine and Health Sciences Preparation Track---Click Here


Career Advancement Track
The College of Medicne Master's Degree in Clinical Anatomy is our way of opening avenues of opportunity.
We offer the Master's Program for the undergraduate educator who needs to improve personal knowledge and professional standing.
We are aware of the needs of current healthcare professionals who are seeking advancement, promotion and career path changes. The College of Medicine wants to help make this possible with the Master's Program.
The College of Medicne and Health Sciences Master's Degree in Clinical Anatomy provides a platform for increasing knowledge & understanding while learning to interweave basic medical sciences into clinical application and considerations through coursework, discussion sessions, experience and seminars.

To be successful:
Participate in first year medical classes with the College of Medicine professors plus
. Students through independent study and on-line technology.
. Additional independent studies, designed according to individual or school interests, to be conducted primarily on campus
. Complete a thesis paper.
. Complete the rest of requirements on campus in Saint Lucia.
. The College of Medicne faculty and staff are always available to you for support and encouragement.

Opportunities include but are not limited to:
. participation (with the guidance of the College of Medicine faculty & staff) in use and development of multimedia in teaching
. real time participation in lab instruction (of newer students)
. specimen preparations (productions of prosections)
. development of individual projects related to interest areas
The College of Medicine and Health Sciences faculty and staff are always available to you for support and encouragement.