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nursesThe Independent Studies Pre-clinical program was designed for students who are trained and involved in the healthcare or education profession. Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Physical Therapists, Dentists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors, and specifically trained College Science Professors, and others have many of the attributes we believe important to independent studies, including:

· Knowledge and experience in a Healthcare Profession

· Knowledge and experience in appropriate Science college education

· Outstanding academic background for medical school

· Maturity

· Access to local healthcare facilities for clinical experience during pre clinical training

· *Significant on campus time each semester--Requirement

· Able to work part time in areas where their input is critical to their local healthcare


The Independent Studies program is identical to the on campus pre dentist-applicantclinical program
 and they flow in parallel, allowing academic mixing of the groups. However, there is a "part-time" independent studies program that extends pre clinical training time, relieving some of the intensity of medical education. The time-tested curriculum is delivered using "State of the Art" Virtual campus software & Lecture Capture teaching solid basic concepts, incorporating laboratories, lectures, streaming video, chats and assignments. 

Clinical training is conducted primarily in teaching hospitals in the USA and elsewhere. 


All partial distance students(Independent Study) must satisfy an on-campus residency requirement of a minimum of 10 weeks. This is normally accomplished by attending the regularly scheduled on-campus session each pre-clinical semester. Otherwise, the student will have to satisfy this requirement prior to being certified to take the USMLE.