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The following capability and minimum computer skills are recommended for students seeking an MD degree at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Saint Lucia. Students are responsible for assessing their own skill level.
We do not provide instruction in acquiring the minimum computer skills.

computerSkills2Computer skills:

    Locate a file on a hard drive, flash drive
    Create and manage files and folders including saving, organizing and deleting files and/or folders
    Navigate between applications
    Upload and download files
    Download and install software programs from the web
    Open and listen/view audio and/or video files
    Safely create and remember logins and passwords

Browser skills:

    Identify the browser you are using
    Go to a specific URL or web page
    Print or save a web page
    Follow a hypertext link
    Search using a basic search engine
    Return to a previous page visited

E-mail skills

    Send and open an e-mail message
    Forward and/or reply to an e-mail message
    Open and save an attachment
    Attach and send an attachment
    Create e-mail folders and save messages to a specific folder
    Create and/or add a name to an address book
    Cut and paste from a word processing program into an e-mail
    Use appropriate “netiquette” (language and spelling) in discussions, postings, chats and assignments