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Students seeking an MD degree at the College of Medicine must have a minimum of computer skills (click here)
Students are required to have a laptop computer and a quality head set with microphone. We highly recommend a core duo processor 1.8 ghz or better 2 gb of ram. Real time video and audio communication(used frequently for lectures and Class discussions), will demand processing power as well as a sound ram configuation.systemrequirements

The College of Medicine and Health Sciences has developed an online courseware site with virtual classrooms which is available to all students 24hrs/day and 7 days a week.
The use of (multi)media rich content is paramount.

We provide the major multimedia forms:

  1. Text documents(pdf, doc)
  2. Audio (mp3,wav)
  3. Streaming video(mpg, mp4, mov, wmv)
  4. Animations/Simulations
  5. Virtual Microscopy
  6. Digital images
  7. Live Telepresence(I.P. video conference technology)
  8. Classroom capture, interactive webinars, and web casting

    PC Users and Mac Users

It will be each student's responsibility to ensure that their computer equipment and software is running properly.

A BroadBand (DSL or CABLE) Internet connection is required to access the course materials on this site and to be able to participate in online class disscussions and lectures.

Our site is designed to be compatible with Mozilla Fire Fox web browser.


Please download the latest version of the following software:
Adobe acrobat reader Pc or Mac
Macromedia Flash Player Pc or Mac
Mozilla Firefox Browser Pc only
Skype Audio conferencing Pc or Mac
Open Office  or Mac (Optional)
VLC Media Player (Plays mp4's,mp3's,MOV,Flv)