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webcastlcUsing "state of the art" Web Casts and Lecture Capture, students can join the College of Medicine and Health Sciences family from all continents, either as a full time preclinical student  or as an Independent Studies student, especially from emerging countries and rural areas. Your study partners may be several time zones distant from you.

The curriculum is identical for full time on campus students and Independent Studies students.

Independent Study students usually consist of healthcare professionals from anywhere, who spend at least 30% pre clinical time in Saint Lucia. Independent study students take the entire pre clinical curriculum regardless of similar courses taken in previous training in order to be sure to meet registration requirements for licensure.

student study in other countriesMedical schools all over the world are discovering the now-obvious advantage of having lectures always available to students . Students enter discussion, laboratory and clinical sessions having mastered the material usually mastered by traditional medical students. Then the group discussions take place.

In the College of Medicine teaching model, faculty-student discussions will take place on a regular basis after lectures have been viewed online, taking the "face to face" discussions to a high plane. One-hundred percent attendance of lectures is required for attendance in chat sessions. A significant portion of the students' grade is generated in the chat sessions.

Exams and assignments are completed online, using the latest tools in educational technology allowing multi level randomization as well as data collection so valuable to summative measurement of the curriculum.

Final examinations must be taken on campus, or at an agreed-on secure site(proctored environment) - usually a College of Medicine teaching hospital affiliate.

We provide students with everything they need to work at their maximum level of effectiveness, including  traditional laboratories and teaching with today's technological teaching tools.

Life in Saint Lucia is as quiet or lively as you choose, and Saint Lucia is known for its agreeable people and safety for everyone. The rich history, beauty, and daily life couple with the incredible beauty of the Caribbean to make your time on campus an experience of a lifetime.