Time Limits on Exams Please Read
All Opening and Closing Times are referenced to Mountain Standard Time

Researching some problems with students receiving zero scores on exams, I discovered that the software that COMHS uses will not score exams which manage to go 60 seconds past the time limit. Therefore exams MUST be submitted for grading prior to the Time limit running out.

Time limit on Exams

Exams are to be completed within the time limit designated by the professor.

• Javascript support in the browser becomes mandatory - this allows the timer to work correctly
• A floating timer window is shown with a countdown
• When the timer has run out, the exam is submitted automatically with whatever answers have been filled in so far
• If a student manages to spend more than 60 seconds over the allotted time then the exam is automatically graded zero
• This is a function of the Moodle software.

When you click on the exam link in the course, you receive information on
the time limit, the opening date of the exam and the closing date.

For accurate scoring make sure you submit your exam for scoring prior rior to the Time limit running out.

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