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The Web Software that we use for delivering the courses has had problems with
the Internet explorer Web Browser.
Please Download and install Mozilla Fire fox and use it exclusively to navigate the courses as well as taking your exams.
We are asking you to do this to help eliminate frustrations caused by the incompatibility that the Course ware Server Software(moodle) has with MS
Internet Explorer and Chrome Browsers.

Take the Trivia Exam to get familiar with the testing software.

Here are some very important Steps to be aware of when taking an exam on line.
1. These exams are timed and will, most of the time automatically submit your exam whether or not you are finished. There are those times when the software will not submit the exam automatically. If you submit your exam after the time has run out, then the result might score a "ZERO" The Authors of the exam software recommend that you submit your exam 2-3 minutes prior to the time running out.

2. Once you click the link to the course exam,Exam software

Exam Software

Exam Sofware

Exam software
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